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Porsche partners with Gett

Porsche on demand.


A new six-month initiative means selected Porsche models are available ‘on-demand’ at the tap of an app in London.

The promotion, provided by One Transport and powered by Gett, is limited exclusively to current Porsche customers as well as a selection of Gett’s high-value customers, who may consider a Porsche in future.

Porsche Cars Great Britain’s partnership with One Transport and the Gett app is the first of its kind worldwide. It enhances the existing app, by providing premium personal transport in a Porsche. With ownership patterns in the automotive industry rapidly changing and car use in urban areas evolving, the project in London will provide the first real-world evaluation of a new premium mobility offer.

Ragnar Schulte, General Manager Marketing at Porsche Cars Great Britain said: “We’re delighted that our customers will be able to travel in Porsche cars in central London with chauffeurs. This premium travel initiative will last six months with results being used to inform our future strategy for ‘on-demand’, premium transportation. We invite all users to give feedback on this new service.”

The Cayenne S E-Hybrid and the Macan will join the Panamera 4 E-Hybrid as part of the Gett fleet. The premium Porsche experience will extend beyond the car with each driver having completed specialist training at the Porsche Experience Centre, Silverstone.

The use of Porsche hybrid cars underlines the pioneering role Porsche has played in the development of premium plug-in hybrid sports cars; made evident by the production of both the Cayenne and Panamera models, which were the first plug-in hybrids in their segments. Combining a powerful V6 petrol engine and a responsive electric motor, these cars embody the Porsche principle of intelligent performance. With a range of up to 35 miles in electric mode, they demonstrate how our engineers balance traditional levels of sports car performance with changing social perceptions and environmental responsibilities.

For more information on our hybrid models, please contact our Centre using the details below.