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FAQ's when bringing your Porsche out of storage

Getting your Porsche back on the road


If you have been keeping your car in storage while you have been using it less, or even if you have been taking shorter journeys and are now getting ready for a longer stretch in your Porsche, make sure you take steps to keep it in great condition as it comes out of hibernation.

Our service team have put together a list of questions that they have been asked recently, to help you as you get your Porsche back on the road, as well as some general advice before you set off.

First off, make sure you check your lights, levels and tyres as you ready your Porsche for the open road this summer. It is important to remember the basics when you are setting off on a long journey, and if your car hasn’t been used for a while, ensure it is completely road-safe before you set off. Do not ignore any warning lights that are on and contact us if you need further assistance.

Give your pride and joy a good clean, inside and out, when taking your car out of storage. This will help you to carry out a visual inspection of your Porsche as you clean it. If you notice any damage to the interior or paintwork, we can put you in touch with our Porsche Recommended Repairer at Swindon Bodyshop.

Take your car out for a short drive. Just to be on the safe side, before heading off too far afield, ensure your Porsche is in full working order and get in touch with our service team if you have any warning lights you need checking over before you travel.

Book any outstanding maintenance work that your Porsche needs. Because of the MOT extension, you might now be out of sync with some of your maintenance intervals, or you might have been putting off recall work while your Porsche hasn’t been doing many miles. Our team will be happy to let you know what work will get your Porsche in top working condition, whether it is an oil filter and change, brake pad replacement, drain cleaning, pollen filter replacement, or even a cabriolet roof service.

FAQs when bringing your Porsche out of storage:

Why are my tyres juddering?

If you find that your tyres are juddering when you first move your Porsche out of storage, this is usually down to the rubber becoming less pliable which then reduces grip when doing slow manoeuvres, creating a skipping or juddering feeling.

Why is my air conditioning not blowing cold?

This could simply be that your air conditioning unit needs a re-gas. This service starts from £159.00 for models newer than 2016, and £130.00 for models prior to 2016 and it only takes 1.5 hours to complete. For all models this service also includes a bacterial service on the units, so you can enjoy clean and cool air conditioning in the warmer summer months.

What should I do if I have a flat battery?

When your Porsche has been stood still for a while, the battery might have gone flat. You can purchase a trickle charger to get your battery running again by contacting our Parts Team. If your battery is flat, you should also check your tyres haven’t gone flat in this time too.

Why is my DPF light on?

After a few shorter journeys, it is possible that your Diesel Particulate Filter warning light might come on. This is due to the DPF not having enough time to fully empty. To resolve this, drive at a speed over 40 mph for more than 10 minutes. This will complete an active regeneration cycle and clear the warning light. If you are not able to complete an active regeneration cycle and continue to drive slowly in a stop/start pattern, this will cause more soot to build up and may cause further problems down the line.

If you need any assistance or would like to make an appointment, please do let us know. Contact us on 01684 880 112 or email info@porschetewkesbury.co.uk and we will be happy to help.