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Winter Tequipment for your Porsche

Winter Tequipment for your Porsche


Your Porsche is designed for everyday use, whatever the season. During the colder months of the year, you may wish to consider additional ways to take care of your Porsche and your passengers during inclement weather.

The Porsche Tequipment range of accessories can further enhance your car’s capabilities, ensuring that you and your Porsche are ready for whatever the weather may bring.

A selection of items are detailed below that may be of interest. Please explore the Porsche Tequipment Finder to find all items available for your Porsche.

Winter care kit

Care series in a waterproof bag with practical inner compartments. The set includes winter window cleaner concentrate (2 bottles with 1,000 ml each), window cleaner (250 ml bottle), interior glass cleaner (100 ml bottle), ice scraper and microfibre cleaning cloth.

Article number: 000 044 001 04

£66.00 RRP incl. VAT

Rim care set

Cleaning and care products for alloy wheels in a practical carry case. The set comprises rim cleaner (acid-free), 500 ml bottle with spray head, sponge and three-piece brush set for stubborn dirt. The rim cleaner is also available individually with a spray head and as a 1,000 ml refilling bottle.

Article number: 000 044 002 90

£66.00 RRP incl. VAT

 Porsche Charge-o-mat Pro 

Charger (5.0 A) with trickle charging and battery monitoring functions as well as two charging modes for Porsche 12V lead-acid batteries and Porsche 12V lithium-ion batteries (12V LiFePO).

 Article number: 958 044 901 72

£141.00 RRP incl. VAT

Leather care set

Cleaning and care set for the Porsche leather interior in a practical bag. Contains leather cleaner (100 ml), leather conditioner (100 ml), sponges and cloths.

Article number: 000 044 004 01

£45.00 RRP incl. VAT

Ice scraper with telescopic arm 

The ice scraper is made from robust and cold-resistant polycarbonate and ensures clear visibility in ice and snow. You can easily free your wiper blades of ice with the integrated cleaning device. The snow shovel with rubberised edges helps to clear even large quantities of snow from the vehicle. And thanks to the extendable telescopic handle, even difficult to reach places can be cleared.

 Article number: 95B 044 005

£20.00 RRP incl. VAT

Ice scraper with glove 

The ice scraper made of robust and cold-resistant polycarbonate ensures a free view in icy and snowy conditions. The lined, waterproof glove protects the hand from cold and moisture. The flexible handle ensures effortless scraping.

 Article number: 95B 044 006

£7.00 RRP incl. VAT

Visit the Tequipment Accessories Finder to see all of the options available for your model, or contact our Service Team by emailing info@porschetewkesbury.co.uk for more information.