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Porsche and Veganuary


For many years January has been a month of renewal. Some will be trying something new, others removing unhealthy habits. If your new goals focus on sustainability and environmentally conscious decision making, then the chances are you have heard of the grown trend, Veganuary. For most Veganuary is a diet-based campaign designed to introduce new eating habits, but what if we told you that there is a different way that you could engage with this trend that doesn’t involve your diet at all.

In 2020, Porsche unveiled their first fully electric car, the Porsche Taycan. Alongside this vehicle launch was the new vegan leather-free interior, which has grown in popularity as many people make the move to more environmentally friendly and sustainable lifestyle choices. This stylish and refined interior is manufactured from recycled materials and allows you to configure your Porsche with a clear conscience.

Porsche further normalises the use of sustainable materials within its luxury products through “Race-Tex”. This is a material similar to Alcantara, however it is manufactured from high quality microfiber material like recycled polyester fibres, boasting 80% less C02 production compared to typical materials.

Currently available on all Taycan models, the leather free interior has five variations to pick from. Black leather-free, Slate Grey leather-free and Graphite Blue leather-free interior can all be selected from the list of single tone leather options. For those looking for something with a touch more unique styling, the black/slate grey or Graphite Blue/Slate Grey two-tone leather-free interior can be selected with a small price increase.

Whether you’re participating in Veganuary or just looking for new ways to engage with an earth-first future, consider Porsche’s leather free interior on your next car.

For more information on our interior finishes, please contact our team at Porsche Centre Tewkesbury on  tel:01684880112 or email info@porschetewkesbury.co.uk