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Tread carefully

Tread carefully


Every Porsche model is designed to handle optimally in every season. However, to get the best from your car during the colder months, it's best to fit N-designated Porsche winter tyres specifically designed to tackle the cold, wet, and icy road conditions.

As the temperature starts to drop, the rubber compound in summer tyres begins to harden at approximately 7 degrees Celsius, reducing the grip and traction of the tyres on the road. This is when it is best to swap your tyres for the Porsche Tequipment Winter Wheels and Tyres to maintain performance, driving pleasure, and most importantly safety.

This is why Porsche has left nothing to chance. All Porsche Tequipment Winter Wheels and Tyres are tested to the extreme ensuring they meet 33 different criteria including performance, directional stability, and traction, with particular emphasis on braking distances and reliability. N-designation is awarded to prove those tyres are Porsche-recommended, and Porsche recommends nothing but the best.

By having Porsche Tequipment Winter Wheels and Tyres fitted onto your car, they will reduce the braking distance in wet weather by 12% and up to 19% in snowy conditions.

Porsche is constantly working with leading tyre manufacturers to benefit from the latest tyre innovations in technology and safety to guarantee it delivers the best to its customers.

Just like your Porsche, Tequipment Winter Wheels and Tyres are designed in Weissach by the same designers of the vehicles, meaning they are precisely tailored to visually harmonise and perfectly fit each model. That is why Porsche owners have the wide option of 18,19, 20, or 21-inch wheels in a variety of design options to perfectly suit your Porsche.

Book now to have Porsche Tequipment Winter Wheels and Tyres fitted at our Porsche Centre today and enjoy driving without the worry in colder conditions, and the peace of mind of knowing you have the protection of a full Porsche warranty.

To see the Tequipment Winter Wheels and Tyres in action and to appreciate their benefits when it comes to safety and performance, please click below (opens in new window).

Porsche Winter Wheels and Tyres Video